25+ Minimalist Clean Girl Nail Styles to Shop Now

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When you think of the clean girl aesthetic you think effortlessly chic and very minimal without lots of bold colors. These nail colors totally fit the vibe.

I have rounded up over 25 minimalist clean girl nail styles for you to shop right on Amazon! They are simple and clean and will give you that effortless look with your manicure.

Why is everyone talking about clean girl nails?

These are the neutral colors that will go with just about everything. It’s the vibe of having a perfect manicure without being overly bold or having designs. These are simple and chic and will be timeless colors for years to come.

Lots of pinks, nudes, and sheer tons round out this list. They’re the ones that will match with any outfit and still give your nails that finished/polished look. Another great thing about light neutral nail colors is that if you do have a little chip it’s way less noticeable than if you have a dark or bright color.

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