Simple Colors to Achieve the Clean Girl Nail Aesthetic

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The ‘Clean Girl’ aesthetic is all about effortlessly chic and minimal. Clean girl nails are basically the closest thing to natural nails as you can get. These nail color options have just a hint of color, while giving you that effortlessly put together look for your manicure.

I love a neutral nail because then they go with whatever I’m wearing! Also, when you have a more sheer/natural color the imperfections show up less in case you scratch or scuff your nails after getting them done.

OPI and essie are always two of my go to brands when it comes to nail polish. They have gorgeous neutral options that you can do yourself or bring the color to the nail salon to get them done!

Another great option is the Sally Hansen color therapy line. They’re made with an argan oil to nourish and moisturize your nails while giving you that perfect color.

Amazon also has great options for kits! The modelones nail polish set comes with six gorgeous colors. They’re also quick drying, so your mani will be done in 90 seconds!

Click on the “SHOP HERE” button to check out the nail colors you love on Amazon. A bunch of these come in different color options too, so check those out using the links as well!

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