Everything You Need to Pack In Your Carry On

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Heading on a trip and not sure what to pack in your carry on bag? I’ve got you covered! Here is everything that I pack in my carry on to make sure my travel day runs smoothly. Plus, it’s all from Amazon so it can be shipped to you in no time!

First and foremost, you need the bags of course! I love this carry on roller luggage that pairs perfectly with this personal item backpack so they can connect and move through the airport seamlessly. Then you can have everything you need in this set of bags for your trip.

When it comes to the plane ride, I like to make sure I’m comfortable and kept busy. Bring things like a pair of cozy fuzzy socks and a light blocking eye mask to really relax and unwind on the flight. If you’re staying awake during the travel, make sure to pack a pair of blue light blocking glasses so you can protect your eyes from the screens you’re watching for hours. Then grab these Beats Studio Pro headphones for some noise cancelling convenient listening.

If screens aren’t your thing, maybe you want to read during your flight! Pack a Kindle in your carry on so you can have endless books at the tip of your finger without having to worry about which ones you want to pack. Another option is to go the paper route and get a book of classic mind games to keep yourself occupied! Just make sure you bring a pen or pencil to fill them out.

Keep scrolling to check out all of the other essentials that I make sure to pack in my carry on bag, like skincare and tech must haves. Have a great trip!

Amazon Travel: What’s in My Carry On

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