New Patio Finds With Inspiration from the Amalfi Coast

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Imagine you’re feeling the breeze and hearing the waves crashing right at the Amalfi Coast in Italy. If you can’t manage to get there, at least you can pull in some inspiration to design your home patio! The Amalfi Coast is absolutely stunning: think lush lemons, hues of blue and yellow mixed with natural elements. Less is more when it comes to this design, which is perfect for a patio or outdoor picnic vibe.

There are two styles of furniture sets in this post, which both can work depending on your layout and how much space you have! One is more of a lounge set with couches and cushions while the other is a dining set with a center table and matching chairs. You can’t go wrong with either! It’s all personal style and the way you prefer to host gatherings in your yard.

Of course you need to pull in some shades of yellow and blue for this themed decor. Check out how perfect these throw pillows are! They come in a set and are various patterns of yellow and blue to totally match the vibe. Then you can accent these colors further by putting a bowl of lemons and this chic blue candle on the table for evenings on the patio.

Keep scrolling to shop these Amalfi Coast inspired home finds from Amazon! They are perfect for any outdoor gathering you’re hosting this season.

Amazon Home Finds: Amalfi Inspired Patio

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