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You know when you’re doing something typical in your everyday life and you think “I wish I had… to make this easier” well, this post is doing exactly that! I’ve been browsing Amazon and found so many essential items that will make daily tasks so much easier in your day to day! There are some things in here that I never even knew existed. You’re going to find so many useful products for your daily life.

How convenient is this dust pan that sucks up as you sweep into it? Would make cleaning the floors go way quicker! Speaking of cleaning, you have to try the Universal Dust Cleaner that’s like slime and sticks to all of the surfaces to clean them! Plus it’s super fun to use since it’s like you’re playing with something instead of cleaning haha I use mine for the hard to reach places in my car and then it stores right back in the convenient jar.

For other hard to reach places, try this duster sponge which has convenient ridges to get things like trim, windowsills, and baseboards! They’re super easy to use and reuse over time.

If you have a couch with not enough space for a coffee or side table in a certain spot, check out this tray! It can go right over the armrest of your couch for you to hold drinks, snacks, books, whatever you need! Then when you’re done using it just conveniently fold it up and store it until you need it again.

Keep scrolling to check out even more essential items that can make your day to day life even easier! Like kitchen essentials to make cooking tasks a breeze. So many cool finds you never knew you needed until you checked out this post 😉

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