Grab Yourself a New Belt Bag in a Neutral Color

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Belt bags are the ultimate accessory. It’s a hands free purse that holds all of your essentials in such a convenient way! These bags are so trendy now they come in a huge variety of different styles and colors, and can easily be dressed up or down.

This post is all about belt bags in neutral colors, so you’ll see here the list is all white/cream, beige, brown, and black. These neutral color bags will match with just about any outfit you’re styling! If you love a style of a bag in this post but are looking for a different color, make sure to still click on the link to see the various color options it comes in!

I love the quilted puffer detailing especially for cooler months, it reminds me of a puffy jacket so maybe that’s why haha. They’re so soft and easy to wear! Another favorite of mine is suede style fabric, it’s so chic and adds a fun texture to your bag. There’s the same style bag in a fun two tone style with different shades of beige that’s super cute, too!

Another favorite of mine is the white textured belt bag with a gold chain design hanging in front. I love the contrast of the gold chain and it will totally match with all of your gold jewelry you can wear to style it!

Belt bags are such an easy way to carry your things on the go. You can just zipper open right in front and grab your wallet etc while you’re out and it’s so easy! Especially if you’re a mom out of the diaper bag phase, belt belts are so much easier to use while holding a child. Keep scrolling to check out these cute neutral belt bags you’re sure to love!

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