What I Love about the Lululemon On My Level Bag

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The Lululemon On My Level Bag is quickly gaining popularity so I wanted to snag it before it sells out (eh hem like the Lulu belt bag) and see what I think of it for myself.

Well I got this bag and here are the main things I love about it!

  1. It is so spacious: The Lululemon On My Level Bag is so big on the inside. I have already found myself using it for the gym, dropping my laptop in it and heading to the local coffee shop to work and I have even used it for travel.
  2. It is versatile: Speaking of it being multi-use, I have already used this bag for so many different occasions. From work, to travel and I even took it to pool, it literally can do anything!
  3. It is such good quality: I knew when I first picked it up, this bag was going to be worth every penny. It is made from durable material and just feels so well-made. The top handles feel like you can pack it full without worrying about it breaking and the wide guitar strap feels the same. It really was love at first site for me on this one.
  4. It is elevated: You had me at gold hardware, Lululemon. Man I am a sucker for gold hardware on black products. It just gives the whole piece a lux look. The black color fabric paired with the gold hardware just makes this bag perfection.

I know I will be using this bag again and again. And since it comes in so many colors, I just might have to grab another.

Lululemon On My Level Bag 

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