Make Laundry More Enjoyable With These Great Finds

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I love a good laundry day as much as the next person. What helps me most keep on top of the ever growing laundry pile is a clean space to work in. These finds from Amazon make things all that much easier to stay organized and have a neat space to make your laundry days a little less tasking.

You’ll need to start with laundry storage and sorting to make things move along and help your future self be able to toss in a load of laundry quickly. This SIMPLE HOUSEWARE three bag laundry sorting cart will do just that. Separate your lights from darks and have a separate bag for towels or whatever else you find yourself washing on repeat. This find is sure to make your sorting a breeze!

I used to have a single shelf to house all my laundry supplies. Then I got a laundry cart and it has made my laundry days a whole lot easier. I’m not reaching above my head to lug down the detergent and softener. This laundry cart from HONEY-CAN-DO is narrow and can fit into most any laundry space you have. The three tiers allow for maximum storage with a sleek presentation.

Keep your ironing and steaming products together and neat with this hanger wall mount with a storage base basket from TJ.MOREE. The ironing board hangs from the hooks below the basket to allow secure storage. The storage basket mounts to the wall for a secure space to keep your iron, steamer, and other small laundering products. This piece is sure to keep things secure and in its place.

When it comes to laundry, it’s best to keep your space clean and organized to help motivate you to stay on top of things. These finds are all great to help you do just that. From storage to decor, this post has you covered with what you need. With the clean space you won’t be avoiding the laundry like before.

Amazon Home Finds: Laundry Room

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