How to Get All The Essentials from Walmart+

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Get everything you need with Walmart+! I’ve put together a list of my favorite things and separated them into two different categories: everyday essentials and at home movie night! Grab all of the daily essentials you need for home and then add some fun things to your order and do a movie night right at home!

Daily essentials are always something that I grab at Walmart. Their prices are the best! I included all of my favorite products for your basic at home needs. Garbage bags, sponges, soap, tissues, laundry, cleaning, you name it! The Cascade Platinum pods are my go to for the dishwasher. I also make sure to always have Scrub Daddy sponges on hand! Always make sure to have a few extra so you never run out when one needs to be replaced.

For basic paper goods, here are my top brands from Walmart. I use Bounty for paper towels, Kleenex for tissues, and Vanity Fair for napkins! They’re all tried and true brands that I’ll never stray away from.

Once you’ve got all your essentials in your Walmart+ order, shop for some fun stuff! Have the best at home movie night with snacks, decor, and a cozy setup. Cuddled up with this plush blanket or go all the way and get a Snuggie for total comfort! Light a Yankee candle and make some popcorn, and then use your new projector to have the ultimate viewing experience.

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At Home Movie Night from Walmart

Everyday Essentials from Walmart

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