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Whether you’re moving and need new kitchen basics, or just looking to update your current kitchen essentials, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve rounded up the top 9 products from Amazon that are kitchen staples.

Obviously some dinnerware is a must. Amazon has such good basic dishes and bowls in variety of depths and sizes. I love a crisp white set because it will match with any style kitchen or seasonal decor in your home!

You need a good nonstick pan to make any basic type of meal. Honestly one good pan and the options are endless! I love this 11-inch option from Goodful brand on Amazon. It even comes with a lid!

If you really love to cook, check out the cast iron dutch oven! There are so many fun recipes you can make with a dutch oven and it’s pretty seamless to use.

Speaking of recipes, get some inspiration from the Savor book by Kimberly Stevens! This book talks all about how to host and entertain with fun easy boards and guides.

This list also has kitchen towels, utensils, baking sheets, pans, you name it! It truly is such a good go to Amazon order for all your basic kitchen needs.

This would also be a really great list for if you’re getting married and adding things to your registry! All of these kitchen items are ones you’ll use constantly and are totally affordable.

Amazon Home Finds: Kitchen Essentials

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