Everything You Need for a Quick Weekend Getaway

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Before you book your next weekend getaway, head over to Amazon to get all of these must haves! Packing essentials, organizers, and bags, this post has everything you need to help your getaway run smoothly.

First, grab yourself a new weekender bag to hold everything you’re packing. I’ve linked two of my favorite ones, they’re fairly similar in size so look through the specifics to choose which one you like best!

Organize your personal items with these easy to read labeled bags – plus they’re super cute! This is where you can pack and organize your hair essentials, skincare, makeup, and other miscellaneous items like medicine or toiletries.

Then, you can organize your jewelry with a travel jewelry organizer box. It’ll keep your accessories from getting tangled up or thrown together in a bag. You always want to take good care of your nice pieces!

A cord organizer is perfect for all of your electronic accessories. You’ll be able to neatly store and organize cords, chargers, plug-ins, whatever you have for your devices that you’re bringing on your trip!

For packing clothes, use these packing cubes! I swear they make the whole process way quicker and easier. Plus you can fit way more into your bag when things are folded neatly into the cubes!

Hope you love shopping this post, and I hope you have the best time on your next weekend getaway!

Amazon Travel: Weekend Getaway Must Haves

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