Enjoy the Perfect Picnic Setup With These New Amazon Finds

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Is there anything cuter than a picnic setup on a warm sunny day? Here are all the essentials that you need to have the perfect picnic!

Of course you have to start with the basket itself. I love the classic hard basket with white lining, it’s so adorable you can even use it for a photo session haha. For a softer option, I like the canvas bag style that has a hard bottom so your food won’t tip over. Next, make sure to bring a blanket to sit on! These options that roll up are so easy to carry and store so you’re not lugging around a huge open blanket.

Now you need some essentials to actually eat! The theme here is colorful, since picnics are fun and bright and cheery! Shop these colorful glassware, bowls, plates, and even silverware sets! Then you’ll need utensils for serving and napkins to keep clean.

How adorable are these sauce containers? You can buy the little storage ones or squeezable bottles for condiments. Another super fun add-on is this smores kit! Have fun making delicious smores on the go as you’re enjoying your picnic.

Picnics are so fun for any occasion! Grab all of these picnic essentials from Amazon and you’ll have the cutest setup for a sweet date, girls day, or taking your kids for a fun day out!

Amazon Picnic Finds

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