Make Sure to Get Some Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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With how much most of us look at screens all day, protecting our eyes is super important! Amazon has great options for blue light blocking glasses that are affordable and cute. Plus they’ll give your eyes the protection they need from harsh screens.

Just because something is functional, doesn’t mean it can’t also be cute! I love the varying colors of tortoise shell style glasses, the detailing makes them so chic. The best part of these being so affordable is that you can buy multiple pairs to match your varying outfits throughout the work week. You can get good quality frames for $20-$30!

Certain glasses shapes flatter face shapes best, so you can always look into that if you can’t decide which style frames to get! The round frames are so fun and totally give a different look. For a more classic frame for blue light blocking glasses, check out the square or rectangle shaped frames.

The Jim Halo oversized style is super trendy and will look great on anyone! That shaped paired with a sleek black frame is the ultimate look for those work from home virtual meetings.

Thanks for shopping these blue light blocking glasses on Amazon! You can wear them for computer screens, tablets, even scrolling on your phone. There are a bunch of color options for each style, so make sure to check those out too. Keep scrolling to shop these glasses below!

Amazon Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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