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If you love the style of designer bags, but don’t love the price tags.. then this is the post for you! I’ve got a ton of great Amazon finds that give you the same look for less.

As you can clearly tell, one of my favorite designer styles right now are The Tote Bags from Marc Jacobs so I made sure to include a few different options with that style. If you love a classic plaid look you’ll see some of those as well. Some of these can be everyday bags and other ones are there to make a statement. Either way you can’t go wrong when they’re a fraction of the cost so buy as many as you want! 😉

When you see a bag that you like, click on the “SHOP HERE” button that’s underneath the image. That will take you right to Amazon to continue shopping. Then, when you get to the end of this blog post make sure to click the links so you can follow me on LTK, Amazon, and sign up for my email updates.

Designer Style Bags on Amazon

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