What You Need to Put in a Lululemon Belt Bag

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The Lululemon belt bag is the perfect size to hold all your essentials and be on the go! I wear mine to run errands, go out for a bit, anything that’s casual and convenient I’m wearing my belt bag. You can style it around your waist or slung over your shoulder, whichever you prefer!

The most popular color of the Lululemon belt bag is black! That’s the one I have and I’ve linked here below. It comes in a ton of other color options too, so make sure to check out all the varieties by following that link!

Why does everyone love this bag? It’s always selling out!

It truly is the perfect size to hold all of your necessities and feel like it’s barely there when you’re on the go. You can wear it in a way that’s comfortable to you and easily accessible for when you’re checking out at a store, holding kids, holding shopping bags, whatever your lifestyle is like! It truly works for everyone.

I’ve put together a list of all my essential items that I carry in my belt bag on the daily. From practical to personal preference for certain brands, you’ll see lots of good ideas for items you should have with you on the go. Since the theme of this is what to put in your belt bag, I made sure that these products are small enough measurements to actually fit in the bag, of course!

What’s in my Bag: Lululemon Belt Bag

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