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What is Quiet Luxury?

Quiet Luxury is a lifestyle characterized by “understated elegance and refined consumption, emphasizing exclusivity and discerning taste without overt displays of wealth. Other terms to describe the same concept include stealth wealth, old money aesthetic, or silent luxury.”

When you think of quiet luxury, picture pieces that are classic and timeless, without having big name brands plastered all over them. It’s having quality items that look and feel good, while keeping your outfits minimal and chic.

Quiet luxury is a trend simply because it embodies a way of living within it’s fashion. It’s shifting more towards an exclusive wardrobe with less visible branding. These pieces from Amazon may look expensive, but they actually are super affordable and a good quality to achieve these looks.

Achieve the quiet luxury lifestyle through fashion by embracing the elegance of basics. You want high quality pieces in muted color ways that can be mixed and matched together for different looks. You’re able to display sophistication without showing off.

This is both a fashion trend as well as a lifestyle. While I can’t help you achieve a lifestyle of luxury through a blog post, I CAN help you achieve it through fashion!

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Affordable Quiet Luxury Fashion

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