Add Some Cute New Finds to Your Valentine’s Day Decor

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Love is in the air! Add some festive pops of color to your home with this adorable Valentine’s Day decor! These are perfect for if you’re hosting a little get together, or just want to be in the spirit of this love-filled holiday.

Simple garland is always a decor favorite – you can hang it on a mantle, a wall, a table, whatever fits your space! Add some pillows to your couch or accent chairs to bring in pops of pink and red.

For table decor, these forever roses in a box will last for a whole year! You can also add this cute pink tray to your coffee table, and put some flameless candles on top of a few books.

Another cute way to use this decor is if you have kids and want to take Valentine’s themed photos of them! These are adorable photo props and then can double as decor when your pics are done.

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