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You’ve probably seen a ton of posts about the various Nordstrom sales. I’ve put together a bunch of looks for less that you can get from Amazon! This way you can get some of the bestsellers you may have been eyeing from Nordstrom, for a more affordable price on Amazon.

What I did was put together a side by side of each product. You’ll see an image where the left side is the Nordstrom product, and the right side is the Amazon product. I will also have links for both under each image for you to “SHOP NORDSTROM” or “SHOP AMAZON” depending on what you’re interested in.

You can even pull up both tabs and compare the pricing to see which one you’d rather buy! Sometimes it’s great to make investments for items that will last forever, and other times you want to buy the more affordable option but still achieve the same look.

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Nordstrom Looks for Less on Amazon

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