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Hi there! And thanks for your interest in our Custom LTK Photo Collages. These are made to order and you will be given all photo rights upon completion.

To get started, you will just need to email us your logo (if you have one), your brand colors/guidelines (if you have some) and the links for each collage you would like our team to produce.

In terms of the products links, you can send anywhere from 1-12 product links per collage. We understand that with rS you can link up to 16 per photo but having that many makes the collages look crowded and we do not recommend that. For best results we recommend 7-10 products per collage. After you receive the final collage from us we recommend reposting weekly or twice per week for maximum sales and exposure.

We will put together and send over the collage for your approval. Nine times out of ten, the first draft is approved by the blogger but if you have minor edits after the first draft, we are happy to update and resend. We will send you a high res image of your collage with custom dimensions set to fit precisely into the rS app via phone. This will ensure the final image your followers and potential followers see on their feed looks clean and professional.

Above are some samples of our photo collages. If there is one you would like in particular please note when you send over your links. Thanks for your interest!

xoxo — Grace



At this time, we are not selling our templates. After you purchase a collage the final image is the final product. We use a series 5 editing softwares to produce the final product and the point of our offering is to give bloggers back their time they would have spent on these collages. We have also hired a software developer to do some custom work as part of our process to create our finished products.


I will send over a PayPal invoice that you can pay via PayPal or credit card. This invoice will include a PayPal fee of $3 to help cover the PayPal fees.