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Hey everyone! I got my MYXFitness Plus Bike a few weeks ago now and I am ready to tell you ALL about it and all that comes with this bike!

My favorite part about this setup, is that it comes with SO much more than just the bike. I know people comparison shop and compare this and other bikes apples to apples. However, those bikes don’t come with mats, a full weight set, foam roller and heart rate monitor – and even after all this, the MYXFitness Bike is STILL substantially less expensive than its top competitors.

“For a limited time, use my code JETSET to get $150 off the cost of either bike AND free shipping!

The monthly subscription for this bike is $29/month (lower than its competitors) and for this price you can have up to 5 profiles to use for everyone in your household!

And last but not least, my favorite feature is that you can adjust BOTH music and coach volumes separately from each other to dial in your workout and get everything just like you like it.

What All Comes with the MYX Plus Bike Package:

The MYXFitness Bike

The first thing you get with this package is the MYX Plus Bike – this is the one that I have. I love the white color, it sets it apart from its competitors and looks super sharp in person!

The bike is just the beginning. Swivel the screen for floor workouts, weight lifting, mindful practices, and more.

This is a professional-quality bike, used in elite cycling studios and gyms around the globe.

6-piece weight set with kettlebell 

With this package, you also get a 6-piece weight set with kettlebell. You can select light, medium or heavy weights. These are really really REALLY good quality and I was amazed at how nice they looked in person. Way nicer than any weight sets I’ve ever used. I opted for the medium set knowing I would work my way to it as I worked out more.

It’s been proven that moving your body in a variety of ways is the most effective way to achieve lasting results. With MYX, you get an extensive range of on-demand workouts that keep your body on its toes.

Heart Rate Monitor

Your customized MYX heart rate zones are easy to follow and help you adjust your effort to your coach’s guidance.

For optimum health and fitness, you need to workout across a variety of intensity levels. Our coach-led guidance, focused on your personalized heart rate zones, helps you train smarter, and minimizes your risk of fatigue and overworking.

Your initial MYX Assessment measures your cardiovascular fitness level and determines your custom heart rate zones. Then our coaches guide you through your personalized zones during each workout for maximum results.

Everything Else

In addition to the bike, weight set and heart rate monitor, you will also get:

  • Stabilizing Mat
  • Oversized exercise mat (48” x 72”)
  • EVA foam roller (24”)
  • Resistance band

“For a limited time, use my code JETSET to get $150 off the cost of either bike AND free shipping!

Additional Promotions Happening Now:

In addition to everything that I just listed above, MYXFitness is also adding this additional gift to your package for a limited time!

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