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How to plan a Vintage Travel themed shower

A couple weeks ago, we threw my sister the CUTEST vintage travel themed bridal shower. I am sharing the pics for y’all to see and maybe get some ideas for upcoming showers y’all might have. You can also check out my Pinterest here to get ideas for this and other parties, decor, fashion and travel. Also, to shop for the specific pieces I used for this bridal shower please scroll to the bottom of this post.

The hot air balloon

The hot air balloon was the biggest hit of the travel themed decor. It was large, a statement piece and also made for an amazing photo prop as well! It only took me a few hours to make too! The sides are just pieces of plywood, one piece for the front and two shorter pieces for the sides. I wrapped the top edges of the wood in pool noodles to give that “cushion” look. I recommend using the black and not some crazy color cause it will be covered with thin burlap and if you use the colored noodles its very hard to cover the bright colors.

Here are all of the things I bought to build the hot air balloon plus plywood that I bought from Home Depot.

Everything you need to recreate this Vintage Travel themed shower:

Table, tent and chairs

You can rent a table, tent and chairs from a shop that does rentals local to you. In my case, I have hosted a lot of parties and planned to host more, so I invested in buying these pieces instead. From the numbers I have seen and been quoted, if you plan on using the tables and chairs at least 4x you will be saving money over time to buy as opposed to rent.

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