Hey everyone, Riley here! I am Grace’s color specialist at Mario Tricoci in Bloomingdale, IL. I have been with Mario’s for over 13 years and have 15 years of experience in the industry. I am also an educator for the company which means I’m one of the people involved in training our new talent. Since we can’t be with each other our company has had teams of individuals working on innovative ways to help our guests get through these uncertain times while still looking amazing. Here are some of my tips for keeping your color looking fresh.

Riley Chaurero

Root Touch-up Hack

If you need to temporarily cover your grey or lighten up your outgrowth my recommendation is colorwow root touch up powder! They are so easy to use, work amazingly well and will only come out if you shampoo if which is amazing!! You can call to order at 847-202-9443 or email [email protected]

But let’s keep it real for a minute, deliveries are taking longer than normal so in the mean time while you’re waiting for your colorwow cover up. I formulated a little DIY tinted dry shampoo to help get you through until it arrives. Those of you who’ve been following me for quite some time would know that DIYs have been an active part of my life. Once, I went so far so as to get these DIY Resin Bound Kits to renovate the whole driveway, which is a crazy thought, indeed. But I digress. The below concoction will get you a dry shampoo that you can use.

  • 1/2 tablespoon cornstarch
  • 1/2 tablespoon baking soda
  • 1/2 tablespoon additive for tone

I used a mixture of activated charcoal, cocoa powder and a red/violet eye shadow. Other spices such as cinnamon or turmeric can be used. As well as different colored matte eyeshadows to achieve desire color. Mix well until there are no clumps and then dab on part using a make up brush. Pat gently with dry paper towel to remove any excess and you’re good to go!

Shop Mario Tricoci is Live!

The Mario Tricoi shopping website is now live. Check it out here:

Here are a couple of perks: Free shipping for orders of 50$ or more and 20% off every order goes to an employee fund.

Also, at the end of this week we will be launching a semi permanent Wella color to blend grey and roots that guests can purchase. First they will book a virtual consultation with a colorist and the colorist will assist with prescribing the best color for their needs. Then after they have received their product they will be able to schedule a follow up appointment for a colorist to assist and walk them through the application. This product will last roughly 10-12 washes and is amazing band aid to keep you looking fresh while helping you avoid the need of a color correction like what may result from box color.

My Recommended Products

Color wow root cover up

This product can be used to cover grey or add depth. Blonde shades can be used to light up dark roots and mimic highlights. This product is Water proof! Needs to be shampooed in order to get out but will not stain your hair!

Oligo black light shampoo and conditioner

Violet is for light blondes experiencing yellow tones. Blue is orange tones so it is best for dark blondes or light browns that are getting brassy. These products are Extremely pigmented and have 11 amino acids that help strengthen and soften the hair.

Virtue rejuvenating mask

Cutting edge technology in hair care developer by bio-scientists who were researching how to heal soldiers from war. Alpha keratin 60ku is the active ingredient which is real human keratin (the protein that makes up 90% of our hair, skin and nails) so it binds more effectively with your hair because your body recognizes it as it’s own.

Not heavy so it is good for all hair types to condition and not feel greasy or weighed down after.

In the meantime you can book an appointment with me at And if you want to order any of the above products via Mario’s you can call 847-202-9443 or email [email protected] and 15% of your total will get donated to out of work commissioned employees.

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time. Also don’t box color your hair!! Hope to see you soon.

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