If you are reading this, you are most likely interested in getting or even just trying some of the trendy CALIA by Carrie Underwood athleisure line. Its a great line and is very high quality material, but the price tag is higher than some of the lower quality options out there.

Having said that, its worth noting that DICK’s Sporting Goods is currently offering $20 off $100 orders and free shipping both ways on orders including the CALIA by Carrie Underwood line. Thats right, I said FREE shipping BOTH ways! So if you do want to try the line, this is a very low commitment way to do it. My guess is this deal won’t be around for long, I have personally never seen this perk until now. Here is the banner on their site regarding this:

Ok, so my notes on this line. First of all, I basically live in yoga pants. I work from home and travel a ton. So I put my leggings through a lot. The line holds up extremely well. I can travel, work out, etc. and have no rips, tears or damage in any of my CALIA clothing.

I have three main pieces that I wear: a pair of leggings, a zip up and a tank top. Out of all of my “workout” style clothes, I get far more compliments on this line than any other that I wear. People have stopped me at airports to comment on my CALIA leggings and zip-up and ask me where I got them! The leggings are freaking AMAZING! They have such cute styles and prints. And on top of being cute and practical, the line is also comfy AF. Seriously, I could live in these clothes. In fact, most days, I do 😉

In terms of sizing, I would say everything is about true to size. The zip-ups are a more fitted look so I did size up in that so it would be a bit looser on me. That is just my preference though.

Anyway, I think thats about everything I can say about the line. I love everything I have bought and it all has held up for almost two years now. You can shop my CALIA favorites by clicking on the images below.

Shop CALIA by Carrie Underwood:

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