If you haven’t see these LOVE, Beauty and Planet products yet, I assure you, you will soon. They are all over the impulse-buy beauty area at Target (case in point) and I have seen them at Walgreen’s as well. 

The full line-up includes a few different scents and frangrances that include body washes, shampoos and conditioners that are all packaged in bottles that are 100% Recycled Bottles. 

If you wonder why our bottles aren’t 100% clear, it’s because we use bottles that are made entirely with post-consumer recycled plastic. They are 100% recyclable too. — Love, Beauty and Planet

I can’t speak to all of the scents in the line-up but I LOVED the smell and feel of Tea Tree and Vetiver. I always feel relaxed and refreshed after lathering up with this one. 

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