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Adidas Superstars – $48.46

Listen up ladies, I am going to tell you how to get gym shoes (Nike, Adidas, everything!) for like 40% off with no coupons needed! This is the best kept secret by department stores everywhere!

The answer, kids shoes! Hear me out. This same pair of Adidas Superstars probably retails for about $125. They are cute, comfy and sooooo on trend. Plus you can wear them everywhere with everything! So why not grab a pair? That price tag – OUCH!

So here’s the secret. I am a size 8.5 (pretty average size for women) that same size equates to 6.5 in Big Kids sizing. So what do you do? Take your size and subtract 2 and that is the equivalent size in Big Kids. The best part, once you figure out what size you are usually – you can order the shoes on Amazon or Zappos, save big, and not even have to leave your house! Win win! 

So the next time you need new tennies, subtract your size by 2 and save about half the cost! 



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